Gone are the days of the perfect plan being a singular approach. 

With an ever-changing and evolving media world and fast-paced, immediate opportunities due to the current digital landscape, we believe a brand’s most successful approach is a hybrid plan inclusive of many different avenues available to speak to target audiences.



Marrying together the worlds of Marketing and Public Relations, we are not only introducing and
establishing your brand to the consumer but developing deeper and longer-term relationships
with your “community.”


The MPR Collaborative embraces a holistic approach to create successful strategies and campaigns by way of local, regional and national communication through media relations,
influencer partnerships, social media, marketing, events, activations, and like-minded brand
partnerships. This method has proven successful results for our clients and is an important ingredient in what sets us apart.

Built from a lifelong friendship and over 20 years of working together in the same industry,
Jenifer Strauss and Lindsey Miller founded The MPR Collaborative. Having worked in both New
York and Los Angeles but with boots and stilettos dug firmly on the ground in Texas, we provide
clients a dream team of marketing and PR pros with the experience and knowledge of a national

Time and time again partners of The MPR Collaborative have been tapped not only to assist
brands entering the market, but also work hand-in-hand to strategize and maintain relevancy.
We have also helped turn budding brands into community staples while on the other end of the
spectrum create campaigns for established companies in the current digital, marketing and
media age.

From companies as large as L’oreal, Sephora and Estee Lauder to small independent beauty,
health and wellness concepts, The MPR Collaborative team has successfully assisted with
ensuring these brands become and/or remain a part of their targeted demographics top of mind.

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The MPR Collaborative