Another Round


Develop and place social media ads to drive private bookings.


Another Round, an indoor mini-door golf destination in Dallas with a full bar and bites, brought on MPRC to develop a social media strategy to drive click throughs and bookings for tee-times and private events. We worked with the client to produce a photoshoot inclusive of images and video for TikTok and Instagram Reel’s style content to capture the story of Another Round. Once the content was developed, working with their website and bookings system, specific links were created to track any click throughs on ads which were placed. Ads were targeted to a specific demographic within a 5 mile radius, with specific interests tied to entertainment, golf and family experiences. The client budget was $250 a week on specific ads. Over the course of 4 weeks, this generated over $5,000 in tee time bookings and a 250% increase in private booking inquiries.

How we did it
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