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La La Land


Announce new coffee and philanthropic concept to the Dallas market.


La La Land Kind Cafe, a feel-good coffee shop/café located off Lowest Greenville Ave. opened in March 2019.


A MPRC partner was hired in January of 2019 to properly introduce the new concept to local media and given only a short time to create a successful launch of a new concept.


The PR team was able to create an opening communication strategy and navigate the media pitch to local reporters. Through a compelling press announcement telling the brand story and tailored pitches to each reporter, enormous buzz was generated round the opening and secured earned media coverage was placed in every major Dallas media outlet including several newscasts on prime TV.


Through the executed initial opening strategy, over 30+ articles and TV segments were secured from the initial media outreach including being named one of Eater’s Hottest New Restaurants in April 2019!

How we did it
  • Media Relations

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