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Generate buzz and awareness around MIXY in the Dallas market to increase awareness and holiday sales.


MIXY hired MPRC to build awareness and generate buzz around the cocktail infusion kits which consist of a unique blend of organic produce, herbs and spices. MPRC did so by gifting local media and influencers, drafting and distributing a compelling press release that tells the brand story, sending tailored pitches to each reporter. As a result of the media campaign, MIXY sales almost doubled over the course of one month’s time, and a sell-out of the limited edition holiday product In addition to consumer sales, the client has seen increased interest in their wholesale line resulting in product placement in several boutiques, spa and food speciality stores in the market.


Sample media mentions include: Dallas Morning News, Lakewood Advocate, NBC Texas Today, People Newspapers

How we did it
  • Media Relations

  • Influencer + Strategic Partnerships

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