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Meet the Team

Jenifer Strauss - MPRC Marketing and Public Relations

Jenifer Strauss

In 2001, Jenifer founded Strauss Marketing after leaving the Real Estate development business. She followed her entrepreneurial spirit and believes the road to success is paved with candy and guarded by unicorns. Anyone who meets this multi-talented event planning, marketing and public relations professional knows that she loves what she does and brings a spirit of compassion and a sense of humor as big as Texas to anything and everything she puts her mind to.


For more than two decades she has developed a dynamic team who has successfully launched brands and products in markets throughout the U.S. Jenifer is experienced in conceptualizing, creating, and implementing innovative strategies for a broad range of clients including culinary, beauty, retail, wellness, lifestyle, business, and real estate, among others. And yes, she does spell her name with only one “n”.

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Lindsey Miller

In 1999, she founded Lindsey Miller Public Relations - a boutique agency focused on traditional media relations for a multitude of trades including real estate, fashion, food, beauty and more.


However, in 2008 Lindsey fell in love with the restaurant industry thanks to one of her then ground-breaking Dallas restaurant clients, Bolsa. Pioneering Dallas’ movement toward farm-to-table, chef-driven restaurants and local, craft cocktails, this singular restaurant ignited her passion for all things food and drink. From that point, her focus intentionally shifted to promoting food-forward/brand-forward restaurants and products. Over the years, she has handled media relations for hundreds of some of the country’s most successful and admired local, regional and national restaurants as well as F&B brands. 


Lindsey was recently honored with being named one of the Dallas 500 by DCEO Magazine - an affiliate of D Magazine

Lindsey Miller - MPRC Marketing and Public Relations
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Nicki Patel - MPRC Marketing and Public Relations

Nicki Patel

Starting in 2008, Nicki has been in the marketing, PR and social media field watching the evolution of how brands connect with consumers. Since before Instagram was a thing, and now that TikTok and Twitch are here to stay, Nicki has guided clients on digital strategy - whether through content and campaigns on their own social channels or through collaborations with influential content creators on the national and hyper local levels. In addition to creating meaningful campaigns on the digital front, Nicki has worked with various projects to create memorable event activations and programming for clients and projects within the beauty, retail, and hospitality industries.

Serving also as Director of Operations, Nicki’s role within The MPR Collaborative is to ensure everything runs smoothly from day-to-day tactics to longer term client strategy execution. With her hands involved in all of the clients and projects, from conception to completion, Nicki is the backbone of the partnership that allows all of the moving parts to work seamlessly.

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Allie Lesiuk

Allie manages the communications department at The MPR Collaborative and develops strategy to creatively pitch our clients and their brands to keep them top of mind to both media and consumers alike. Since 2013, she has cultivated long-term relationships with the press, locally in our backyard in Texas, as well as regionally, nationally and localized markets across the country. Born in Texas and raised in Singapore, Allie returned to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a B.A. in Corporate Communications. She now splits her time between Dallas and NYC, keeping a pulse on media trends in both markets.

Allie Lesiuk - MPRC Marketing and Public Relations
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Alison Taylor - MPRC Marketing and Public Relations

Alison Taylor

Alison brings to the team the art of identifying multiple angles for a client’s brand allowing her to create stories for a diverse array of media in the community. She is also an integral part of all influencer strategy and engagement for clients all over the Texas market. Born in Houston and a graduate of the University of Houston, Alison moved to Dallas in 2017.

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Violet Huynh

Violet brings to the team her wit and a prolific way with words as she develops social media content for various clients on our roster. In addition to putting pen to paper, Violet also conceptualizes, films and edits video content for social media in the way of reels and TikToks for our brands. Violet is a recent graduate of Southern Methodist University with a major in Economics.

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Violet Hunyh - MPRC - Dallas, Texas
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